Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Cases Against Teesta Setalvad

In Progress - I intend to go deep into each charge and let facts speak for themselves. Here is a partial list.

1. Spicing up the riot cases

2. Lunawada mass graves

3. Madhu Trehan's attack
   Also see Coverage of English media of Mumbai violence simplistically

4. Funding

5 The case of Kausar Bano

6. Memorial of Resistance 

7. Tavleen Singh

8. Rais Khan

However, the case against Teesta is as follows--

Evidence Against Teesta Setalvad

Criminal allegations against Teesta Setalvad.. a few instances

1. Teesta Setalvad 's former colleague Rais Khan has made startling revelations by filing an affidavit before the Nanavati commission... extracts from his first ever TV interview. View Interview: Video

2. Yasmeen Banu Sheikh, Best Bakery Case prime prosecution witness has accused Teesta Setalvad for forcing her to lie in the Trial court at Mumbai. View: Video
3. Headlines Today journalist Rahul Singh has alleged in a affidavit submitted to the Dy. Superintendent of Police, Lunawada that Teesta Setalvad did not tell him that the Pandarwada graves were legal. She did not inform him that she had not taken proper permission from the authorities to dig up the graves and that she knew that the bodies were buried by the police with proper procedure. View Affidavit: Click

4. Raiskhan Aziz Khan Pathan an ex-employee of Teesta Setalvad 's Citizen for Justice & Peace (CJP) has filed an affidavit on 26th September, 2011 with the Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court for the re-trial of the Best Bakery case. He has in his affidavit to the Chief Justice narrated the whole sequence of incidents - of how witnesses were brought to Mumbai, kept in Bhindi Bazaar, and tutored by Teesta Setalvad for giving false testimonies in the court. He has also requested the court to direct foreignsic science labs to do lie detector / polygraph test of himself & Teesta Setalvad to bring the truth before the court. View Affidavit: Click

5. Raiskhan Aziz Khan Pathan has written to the Chief Justice of the Mumbai High Court seeking his help in view of the threats he has received from Muslim fundamentalists on behalf of Teesta Setalvad. View Request: Click

6. Teesta Setalvad hacks ex-employee Rais Khan's Email ID - Police Complaint. View Police Complaint: Click

7. Yasmeen Banu Sheikh, a prime prosecution witness in the Best Bakery Case in her affidavit dated 17/06/2010 to the Chief Justice Mumbai H.C. has accused Teesta Setalvad for forcing her to lie in the Trial court at Mumbai. View Affidavit (Gujarati):Click

8. Teesta Setalvad 's NGO paid Gujarat Riot witnesses. Ex-employee of Teesta Setalvad 's Citizen for Justice & Peace (CJP), Rais Khan's Bank Statements. View Bank Statements: Click, To be read in conjunction with: Click

9. Teesta Setalvad committed perjury by signing Zaheera Shaikh's affidavit which was filed in the Supreme Court in CRL.M.P. No. 1250-1253/2004. View Affidavit: Click

10. Defamation complaint filed by Rais Khan, former aide of social activist Teesta Setalvad, before a Magisterial court in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. View Complaint: Click
11. Rais Khan Pathan, former associate of Teesta Setalvad, writes an open letter to Justice P.B. Sawant listing all the criminal cases & charges against Teesta Setalvad. View Letter: Click
12. Gulbarg Society members have sent a notice to Teesta Setalvad and have threatened legal action against her in a cash dispute issue. View Letter: Click ViewVideo 1 / Video 2

13. Gulbarg Society members have filed a Criminal complaint against Teesta Setalvad to the Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Ahmedabad. View Letter: ClickView Video 1 / Video 2

14.  Teesta Setalvad may face contempt proceedings for approaching the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Geneva despite giving assurances to the Supreme Court. Rais Khan Pathan has written a letter to SIT chief R.K. Raghavan. View Letter: Click

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